Every Time sh*t Hit The Fan So Hard Bravo Had To Pick The Cameras Back Up (2024)

Is there any adrenaline rush in the world greater than finding out Bravo is sending a camera crew back in to address some major primetime drama? Screw skydiving, I’ll just get overly invested in the lives of virtual strangers in the hopes that every few years something so shocking will happen that production crews have to rush to the scene of the crime to cover the mess in real time. Production takes a lot of heat for forcing storylines or trying to make cast members nobody actually likes happen (cough Teddi Mellencamp cough), but the world’s pettiest first responders still hold a very special place in every Bravo stan’s heart. Without them, or our patron saint Andy Cohen, we wouldn’t have been able to play the third wheel in some of the messiest breakups and makeups in reality history. Without further ado, here are all the times Bravo picked the cameras back up, for my fellow scholars who just love studying (Bravo) history.

RHOBH: Russell Armstrong’s Death

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Is this the first time Bravo ever picked up the cameras after filming? It seems like yes. It all started with the very first (and very iconic) season of Beverly Hills, where the audience was shown little hints of Taylor Amstrong’s complicated relationship with her wealthy, stoic husband Russell Armstrong. By the time season 2 began filming it was obvious something serious was. Halfway through the season, during a group scene shot at Adrienne’s house, Camille famously outed Russell as physically abusive towards Taylor, which the whole cast knew but had been keeping under wraps, ending her reveal with the oft-quoted “but now we said it!” After the season wrapped and details of the shocking financial misconduct Russell had been hiding came to light, Russell died by suicide. Bravo attempted to address this difficult situation by picking up to film a short scene with Lisa, Kyle, Kim, Adrienne, and their husbands to address Russell’s death head-on, given he had already participated in the entire filming of season 2 that viewers were about to see. The scene was ultimately deleted after airing due to legal issues (but can be found on YouTube, for all the confused first-time viewers who inevitably get thrown by the filming chaos).

RHONJ: Joe And Teresa’s Sentencing

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Rumors of criminal activity swirled the Giudices basically from the very first season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. It took the law about eight years to catch up, ultimately convicting both Teresa and Joe of bank, mail, wire, and bankruptcy fraud. At the very end of season 6, after years of denying any wrongdoing, the production company who had been with Teresa and Joe from the very beginning filmed reactions from Teresa’s estranged friends and family to Joe being sentenced to 41 months and Teresa’s 15-month preceding stay in prison. Season 6, episode 14 was an emotional finale, to say the least.

Vanderpump Rules: Scheana And Shay’s Divorce

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What was sadder than Scheana’s crop top wedding dress? Her divorce from Michael Shay just two years after their 2014 wedding on season 3 of Pump Rules (don’t worry she rebounded with TV building Rob the very next summer). Lisa Vanderpump was instrumental in their relationship (Shay proposed to Sche Schu at Villa Rosa) so it only made sense that Scheana went to her voice of reason LVP to share her heartbreak. “Three Months Later…” after Katie and Schwartz’s season 5 wedding, Lisa and Scheana unpacked the “bullsh*t” in her and Shay’s marriage Scheana had been hiding. Like Shay going “MIA for six days,” relapsing in his addiction behind her back, and emptying out their $7K joint account. Schena then very bravely confronted Shay and his newly pierced ears on camera, where he still denied the accusations of drug use but agreed he had big problems with the state of their relationship. Their divorce was finalized in April 2017.

Southern Charm: Kathryn and Thomas’ Baby Reveal

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After a tumultuous start to their v questionable 29-year age-gap relationship, Thomas Ravenel decided at the end of season 1 he could no longer continue the “fantasy” of being with Kathryn. Not if he wanted to continue his plans to be a serious politician (lol, remember Whitney’s baffled face when he told him that?). He breaks up with Kathryn who insists that they belong together (even though she had offers from Craig and Shep waiting in the wings). HARD Cut to: Thomas cradling his and Kathryn brand new baby Kenzie 9 months later. This is why you have to use condoms even for breakup sex, kiddos!

Vanderpump Rules: Scandoval

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The earth pretty much stood still when rumors Scheana punched “Racquel” (who has since changed her name back to Rachel, and now goes by Rocky) after a taping of WWHL led to the unfathomable truth of Tom Sandoval’s affair hitting the airwaves. After an entire season of pretending to have a crush on Schwartz, and leaning on her close friend Ariana for support, Rachel and Sandoval admitted to a seven-month affair right under Ariana’s nose. Nasty, nasty work. Before the endless podcast rants and pending lawsuits from Rachel, Alex Baskin led a crew into their home to capture the raw fallout of Ariana and Tom’s 10-year relationship. Even if wasn’t good enough for Lala, it was certainly momentous for VPR stans everywhere.

RHOA: Drew And Ralph’s Divorce Announcement

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Trying to explain the reasons behind Drew and Ralph’s divorce is a job for NASA scientists or something, not me. I will say it started with a boys’ trip to Florida and ended with an alleged on-set lesbian romance. What Drew failed to understand is no one would have judged her for picking literally any lviing being on planet Earth over her pint-sized problem child Ralph, had she just been straight up about it. But their side-by-side interviews calling each other out on a legion of lies, including a cameo from cousin Courtney, at the end of the season 15 finale was honestly the most entertaining part of the entire season.

RHOSLC: Jen Shah’s Sentencing

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Remember how Jen Shah spent all of season 3 of Salt Lake City insisitng she was innocent and everyone except Mary Cosby lined up to believe her? There’s no way Andy Cohen Angels could let reactions to Jen’s guilty plea on July 11, 2022 go uncaptured even though it was months after the regular season filming had wrapped. Heather and Lisa sit down for Vida co*cktails and crab cakes to basically own up to all the egg on their face while remaining “sad,” “confused,” and “shocked,” how their dear friend (who was literally captured on camera verbally attacking her staff) could do such a thing… what a mystery.

RHOBH: Kyle And Mauricio’s Separation

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TBH, this was kind of a waste of pick-up considering Kyle and Mau saved all the real goss for his Netflix show, Buying Beverly Hills (and yet Andy says Kyle is “always” invited back. Deep sigh). Mauricio had been rumored to be cheating since Brandy brought those tabloids in her suitcase and LVP made a joke about his other woman being little Portia (still funny, sorry). Now it was Kyle who was facing heat for dangling Morgan Wade like the ultimate gay bait in the river of the internet for like a whole year, matching tattoos and a music video makeout all, while simultaneously balking at the idea they could actually be anything more than platonic. In the added scenes, Mau and Kyle awkwardly dance around each other in the kitchen while discussing his plans to move out and then break that news to their kids but promise there’s no talk of divorce yet. Kyle leaves us off with the vague mention of “things that happened that broke her trust” but season 14 should have the updates.

The Valley: Season 1 Breakups

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Was it surprising after the cringe-worthy season these two couples had that either Brittany and Jax or Jesse and Michelle officially called it quits? Absolutely not. But to see the women finally being honest without censoring themselves about what they wanted for their future was both inspiring and extremely intense. When the cameras circled back to The Valley crew in March 2024 after initially concluding the season in the Fall of 2023, Jax admitted to calling Brittany names and pretty much bringing her down as a whole, but she was only there to pack her stuff and leave. Michelle wanted her divorce from Jesse “sooner rather than later” and basically only showed up to tell him he needed to find a pen to sign away half of their business and find it quick. Damn. I’m still not over the fact that there’s no Valley reunion, but maybe that means season 2 will come quicker?

Summer House: Carl And Lindsay’s Breakup

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Though they still can’t agree on the fact that Carl’s tip to production triggered the pick-up (I’m sorry Andy, but we’re just supposed to believe that the team psychically intuited the big conversation was going to happen that day, directly after Kyle and Carl had lunch?) everyone agrees it’s for the best these two never got married. Did Carl have to do it for the world to see without giving Lindsay a genuine warning that’s what the conversation was going to be first? No, but if your name is Amanda Batula you’d consider it brave nonetheless. And if you’re one of those people who’s already gearing up with “he didn’t know he was going to break up with her!!!” then I guess we can agree she was blindsided, right? I rest my case. Wait — Kyle got away with bloody murder at the reunion by not being asked one single question about calling his wife expletives I don’t even feel comfortable putting in print. Can we get a camera crew in to talk about that since Amanda was mysteriously missing from Andrea’s wedding? Now I rest my case.

Every Time sh*t Hit The Fan So Hard Bravo Had To Pick The Cameras Back Up (2024)
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