Offender Commissary, Phone, and Mail | Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office (2024)

Deposit money to an offender’s fund account for commissary purchases and phone calls in any of the following ways:

Phone System Change: New way to connect with your loved one through ConnectNetwork
Effective March 25, 2024, Lafayette Parish Correctional Center will be changing inmate telephone systems to ViaPath ConnectNetwork. To receive calls, you just need to create an AdvancePay® account through ConnectNetwork.

If you currently have a account that will still be necessary for tablet services. You can also fund your incarcerated family member’s or friend’s trust account to allow them to purchase phone and tablet time.

It is simple. When you place money on your AdvancePay phone number, your incarcerated family member or friend will be able to call you using the funds from the balance in your prepaid account.

Deposit Funds with AdvancePay
The easiest and fastest way to make a deposit is online in your ConnectNetwork account or over the phone at (800) 483-8314.

Connect on the Go!

The free ConnectNetwork mobile app provides quick access to our most popular services, making it easy to send support to your loved one wherever and whenever you want!

Available to download today for both Android and iPhone devices.

Still Have Questions?

We’re here to assist with payments and other questions. You can contact us by phone 24/7 or through our online live chat. Visit our frequently asked questions and help tutorials at

Mail a Money Order
Mail a money order to:
Offender Name, Arrest Number, Cell Number
LPSO Attention: Commissary
P.O. Box 92590
Lafayette, LA 70509

Personal checks, cashier checks, and company checks are not accepted.

At a Lobby Kiosk
Make cash or credit card deposits from the offender communications system deposit kiosk located in the 24-hour bonding lobby of the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center (LPCC) 916 Lafayette Street Lafayette, LA 70501.

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Offender Phones
This facility’s offender phone system is provided by the offender communications system. Only offenders may initiate phone calls. If you wish to contact an offender, your options are to call 1-866-516-0115 and leave the offender a voicemail (up to 3 minutes), send a secure message via: or the ConnectNetwork app, write a letter, or schedule a video visit with the offender during visitation hours. See offender visitation for more information on video visitation.

Phone Calls
To call you, an offender simply dials your phone number. When receiving a call, you should first hear an announcement from an automated operator, such as “You are receiving a call from [offender name], an offender at Lafayette Parish Corrections. Press one (1) to accept.” If the offender has no calling funds and is calling you for the first time, the call will be free for a brief period of time (often less than a minute). This is to allow the offender to inform you of where he or she is and to explain how calls work from this facility. After this short call, the offender will be placed on hold and you will be presented the opportunity to:

1. Pay (via credit card) to continue the current call.

2. Deposit funds for the offender to continue your call and, if there is money remaining, the offender may use the funds to make future calls to any number.

3. Deposit funds to your own phone number to continue your call and, if there is money remaining, the offender may use the funds to call your number in the future, but the funds will not be available for calling other numbers.

Offender Mail

Personal Mail (mail to offenders from family and friends):

Physical Mail Address Changing

Effective September 1, 2023, Offender mail is going digital. The address that friends and family use to send personal mail to Offenders will change. The new address below will NEED to be used after this date. Going forward, mail received will be scanned and delivered electronically as an attachment to the Offender in the facility message app that is on the tablet. The Offender will be able to read this attachment for free.

Please note that the new mailing address is:

Facility Name, State

Offender Name, Offender Identifier

P.O. Box 247

Phoenix, MD 21131

For example:

Facility Name, State

John Doe #11111

P.O. Box 247

Phoenix, MD 21131

  • Envelope Addressing
    • The envelope must include the full facility name and the state the facility is in, as well as the Offender’s full name and unique identifier.
    • The envelope must have the sender’s full name and physical address clearly written on the top left corner of the envelope.
  • Content of Mail
    • Legal Mail should not be sent to this new address. Any Legal Mail that is sent to the new address will be returned to Sender and WILL NOT be forwarded to the facility.
    • Friends and family are required to send any checks or money orders directly to the facility. Do NOT send checks or money orders to this address.
    • Only direct communication will be scanned. Boxes, catalogs will be returned to sender.
  • Family & friends
    • Friends and family should contact TextBehind support directly at for any mail delivery issues.

Privileged / Legal Mail (mail to offenders from the offender’s attorney, courts, PREA etc.)

The following address is for privileged / legal mail ONLY. Do not send an offender’s personal mail to this address. Any mail received at this address that is not privileged / legal mail will be returned to the sender.

All privileged / legal mail must have the sender’s business/company name and address imprinted on the top left of the envelope. Mail that is improperly addressed may result in the offender not receiving the mail and it being returned to the sender.

Mail to:

Offender’s Name, Arrest #, Cell #

LPCC, PO Box 2537

Lafayette, LA 70502

Offender Commissary, Phone, and Mail | Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office (2024)
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