One Woman’s Wilderness: Age, Bio, Wikipedia, Location, Net Worth (2024)

Whenever we get stressed with our mundane lives, we take some time to go back to nature, the wild, as a refreshment break. But have you ever seen someone who lives in the wild in today’s time? One Woman’s Wilderness is one of them. But who is one woman’s wilderness? Well, she is a woman named Lisette Brisson, who lives away from the world in the woods.

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2 One Woman’s Wilderness: YouTube Career

2.1 Her most popular videos on YouTube

2.1.1 Hibernation time:

2.1.2 Playing in the rain:

3 One woman’s wilderness: Influencer

4 Making a difference: One Woman’s Wilderness

4.1 Showing her true lifestyle

4.2 A different lifestyle: One Woman’s Wilderness

4.3 One Woman’s Wilderness: out of the city but not out of awareness

5 One Woman’s Wilderness: Net Worth

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One Woman’s Wilderness: Age & Bio

Lisette Brisson is a 35-year-old single American woman who lives in the woods with her 2 German Shepherds. One women’s wilderness is the name of her social media handles.

She started making YouTube videos, mainly about the life she lives in the woods. How she does everything all by herself, starting from making a wooden bed or fixing something, taking her dogs for a walk, to bathing in the rain.

One Woman’s Wilderness: YouTube Career

Her life as a content creator is good. She started her journey as a video content creator on YouTube. After a while, she got recognized & has 175,000+ subscribers.

One Woman’s Wilderness channel on YouTube is simply beautiful. The views shegets on her videos range from 80000 – 90000. If all the views on various of her videos are put together, it counts as more than 1 million views. She also makes some recipe videos and some reaction videos to her old videos as well.

Her most popular videos on YouTube

She has been living in the woods for six years now in 820 square feet cabin where she makes most of her videos. Here are the most popular videos on YouTube with more than 1.3 lakh views

Hibernation time:

“Hibernation time has begun” is her most popular video on YouTube. In this video, she talks about her going into hibernation for the winter. This hibernation is not just resting like the bear. She talks about how she is going to complete some projects, including the interior of her cabin that is yet not completed.

The video starts with delightful music with great scenarios of her beautiful cabin, fireplace, and more fascinating things. We can also see her white dog beside her. The entire video is a mixture of soothing music, scenarios of hills, snow, trees, her pet family, and the story of the video.

Playing in the rain:

“Playing in the rain, my outhouse rocks” is another most viewed video on her YouTube channel. The video starts with a beautiful, warm sunrise leading to the similar fireplace of her cabin while soft music keeps on playing in the background. Then her journey into the woods begins in her car with her dogs.

One woman’s wilderness: Influencer

She didn’t stop at video content creation; she is also a social media influencer with 3,522 followers on Instagram & 23 followers on Facebook. Though she is not like other influencers with millions of followers, she is on the path to growing a big social media family. Her total social media fanbase counts more than 180.000.

One Woman’s Wilderness: Age, Bio, Wikipedia, Location, Net Worth (2)

Making a difference: One Woman’s Wilderness

When it comes to creating content, Lisette Brisson stands out. As the audience, most of the influencers we encounter nowadays, especially on social media, are promoting their brand, which includes clothing, makeup, etc.

Though we love the content they produce and gulp it down, the type of content we enjoy is nothing more than something real, naked & One Woman’s Wilderness has done the same.

Content in which people share their feelings and their real side is something that we always look for. Having a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes makes them exciting & peaceful.

Showing her true lifestyle

Lisette Brisson, aka One Woman’s Wilderness, shows real-life events and incidents to her audience. Making butter at home, feeding her dogs, and knitting are the glimpse she shares with her audience: no cuts, no faking things, only sweet moments of her life in the woods.

A different lifestyle: One Woman’s Wilderness

One reason behind so many people finding her content enjoyable is that she does not lead a usual lifestyle like us. She is not living in the stone age way but not in the modern age. She found a perfect balance of both the city & nature.

Living a different lifestyle does not mean that One Woman’s Wilderness has excluded technology from her life. Social media is also a part of modern technology. She is just living in nature, in solitude.

One Woman’s Wilderness: out of the city but not out of awareness

One Woman’s Wilderness, or Lisette Brisson, has not cut herself off from society. She has family members who visit her once in a while; she often writes about current affairs and her opinion on Facebook. We have seen her writing very often on Facebook. Most of her posts are about her thoughts and opinions. She does not post much images or videos on Facebook.

One Woman’s Wilderness: Age, Bio, Wikipedia, Location, Net Worth (3)

One Woman’s Wilderness: Net Worth

One Woman’s Wildreness’s net worth is around 1.4 million. Her income source is still unknown to us. Neverthless, it will be updated soon.


As we conclude, we would appreciate it if you visit her social media pages or her YouTube channel. If you are someone who likes woods, nature, and the things that can be done to make the most of the nature time we get, then surely you will love the content One Woman’s Wilderness produces.

One Woman’s Wilderness/ Lisette Brisson has done a great job by putting all those beautiful videos. These videos are a dream for most of us. The ones who always thought about partying in the city, bike ride, and all can change their mind after watching her content.

We guess that sometimes it could be challenging to stay in the woods due to several problems like weather, not having enough resources, etc. but seeing her happiness and confidence; we can predict that she has been overcoming it all by doing her best and reclaiming her name One Woman’s Wilderness.

One Woman’s Wilderness is not only about the woods and peace; it is also about her bad days. It is very pleasant to see the plethora of emotions, conditions, and beautiful mornings leading to stormy evenings or vice versa. She is also making it possible for those who are not able to enjoy nature due to some reasons to feel refreshed through her content by just taking out 8 to 10 minutes in a day.

If you want to read more about such influential people, then you will definitely like this article on Gaur Gopal Das, an Indian spiritual Guru.

One Woman’s Wilderness: Age, Bio, Wikipedia, Location, Net Worth (2024)


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Lisette Brisson (One Woman's Wilderness)

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The filming location was the Gunnison National Forest in the state of Colorado.

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Marissa is one of Will's co-workers who eventually becomes one of Liv's friends. She is played by Natalie Sharp. Sharp is known for her role as the meta-human villain named Sunshine in The CW's The Flash and Mack in The Miracle Season.

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Everick Golding: Sol

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