'OSRS' Clue Scroll & Anagram Solutions (2024)

By Cammy Harbison


Has a new OSRS scroll clue got you stumped? Check out our complete guide to all the new Clue Scroll puzzles including anagram solutions, coordinate puzzle locations and more.

On Thursday, Jagex released a new Treasure Trails expansion for Old School Runescape (OSRS) players. The expansion includes a ton of new content, mainly directed at new OSRS players but with some goodies thrown in for veteran players as well.

Clue scrolls are an enjoyable part of OSRS content and with the latest expansion, the developers have added a ton of new beginner clue scrolls, as well as new item rewards and challenges for all clue scrolls tiers. The goal for adding the new clue scrolls is to help newer and free-to-play players learn more about the world of OSRS while enjoying a classic gameplay feature.

There are multiple clue scroll tiers ranging from Beginner to Master, but most require a paid subscription to the game. The new beginner clues, however, are accessible to both F2P and P2P players. The clues added included classic clue scroll puzzles like anagrams and riddles, as well as new task-based puzzles dubbed "Charlie Clues" that help beginning players learn how to create items and equipment in the game.

Besides the new Beginner Clue Scrolls, the expansion also adds several new ciphers, coordinate location and anagrams puzzles ranging from easy to master level difficulty for game subscribers.

Thanks to crowdsourcing locations like Reddit and Discord, a lot of these new puzzles have already been solved. If you're having trouble figuring out a clue or untangling a pesky anagram, we've compiled a solution guide for every new puzzle we've found so far. As more clues and solutions are found, we'll continue to add to the guide.

OSRS Treasure Trail Expansion Guide: Solutions for All New Clue Scrolls, Anagrams, Ciphers and More

'OSRS' Clue Scroll & Anagram Solutions (1)

Beginner Clues: Charlie Clues

  • Charlie Clue: Craft Leather Chaps
  • Charlie Clue: I need to fish Charlie a trout - 20 fishing required, raw fish trout
  • Charlie Clue: I need to mine ore - 15 mining required

Beginner Clues: Clue Scrolls Riddles

  • Riddle Clue Scroll: Always walking around the castle grounds and somehow knows everyone's age.
    • Solution: Hans - found walking around Lumbridge Tower
  • Riddle Clue Scroll:Near the desert, I reside, to get past me you must abide. Go forward if you dare, for when you pass me, you'll be sweating by your hair
    • Solution: Talk to Shantay at the Shantay Pass
  • Riddle Clue Scroll:In the place Duke Horacio calls home, talk to a man with a hat dropped by goblins.
    • Solution: Cook - found in Lumbridge Castle
  • Riddle Clue Scroll:In a village of barbarians, I am the one who guards the village from up high.
    • Solution: Go to the east side of the Barbarian village. Go into the building, up the ladder twice and talk to the barbarian.
  • Riddle Clue Scroll:Buried beneath the ground, who knows where it is found. Lucky for you, a man called Reldo may have a clue
    • Solution: Talk to Reldo and he'll give you the device needed for the hot/cold locations. Solutions found in the Hot/Cold locations section of this guide.

Beginner Clues: Clue Scrolls Emotes

  • Emote Clue Scroll:Bow for James south of the Grand Exchange
    • Solution: You can bow at the Bond icon if you can't find James.
  • Emote Clue Scroll:Cheer at Iffie Nitter. Equip a chef hat and a red cape.
    • Solution: Go to the clothing store in Varrock to find Iffie
  • Emote Clue Scroll:Blow a raspberry at Gypsy Aris in her tent. Equip a gold ring and a gold necklace.
    • Solution: Gypsy Aris - found in her tent at Varrock Square
  • Emote Clue Scroll:Clap at Bob's Brilliant Axes. Equip a bronze axe and leather boots.
    • Solution: Bob's Brilliant Axes in south Lumbridge
  • Emote Clue Scroll:Panic at Al Kharid mine.
    • Solution: Al Kharid north of Al Kharid.
  • Emote Clue Scroll:Spin at Flynn's Mace Shop.
    • Solution: Flynn's Mace Market near north entrance of Falador

Beginner Clues: Hot/ Cold Dig Locations

'OSRS' Clue Scroll & Anagram Solutions (2)
  • Far northwest Al Kharid. Near a fence
  • Ice mountain area (screenshot here)
  • Cow pen north of Lumbridge Castle (screenshot here )
  • Northwest of Draynor Manor, in patches of mushrooms ( screenshot ).
  • Wheatfield to the east of Draynor Village

Beginner Clues: Anagrams

  • Anagram (Beginner):IN BAR
    • Solution : Brian - found in Port Sarim battleaxe shop
  • Anagram (Beginner):RAIN COVE
    • Solution: Veronica
  • Anagram (Beginner):SIR SHARE RED
    • Solution: Hairdresser - found in Falador
  • Anagram (Beginner):TAUNT ROOF
    • Solution: Fortunato
  • Anagram (Beginner):AN EARL
    • Solution: Ranael - found in Al Kharid. Owns the skirt shop
  • Anagram (Beginner):RUG DEGER
    • Solution: Gerdruge - found in Varrock
  • Anagram (Beginner):CARPET AHOY
    • Solution: Apothecary - found in Varrock
  • Anagram (Medium):I CORD
    • Solution: Doric
  • Anagram (Medium):DISORDER
    • Solution: Sedridor - found in Wizard's Tower basem*nt

Song Clues

  • Song Clue (Easy): I'd like to hear some music. Come and see me on the bridge in Falador Park and play: Catch Me If You Can - Thanks, Cecilia
  • Song Clue (Hard): Fossilized
  • Song Clue (Medium): Cave of Beasts

Medium Clues (Riddle, Anagram, Coordinates)

  • Clue Scroll (Medium): How many windows are in Tynan's shop
    • Solution: 4
  • Coordinates Clue (Medium):17 degrees 39 minutes north, 37 degrees 16 minutes west
    • Solution: Farming Guild entrance
  • Anagram (Medium):CALAMARI MADE MUD
  • Anagram (Medium):CLASH ION
    • Solution: Nicholas - found at level 5 Piscarilius, east of the bank
    • Challenge Scroll Answer: 4

Hard Clues: Coordinate Locations and Ciphers Solutions

'OSRS' Clue Scroll & Anagram Solutions (3)
  • Coordinates Clue (Hard):23 degrees, 1 minute north, 41 degrees, 33 minutes east
    • Solution: Small Island with the bank chest accessible from Fossil Island. It is near the crabs ( screenshot ).
  • Coordinates Clue (Hard): 4 degrees 22 minutes North, 17 degrees 15 minutes east
    • Solution: Inside Wildly agil course.
  • Coordinates Clue (Hard):19 degrees 9 minutes north, 21 degrees 28 minutes east
    • Solution:
  • Coordinates Clue (Hard): 16 degrees 45 minutes north, 3 degrees 5 minutes west
  • Coordinates Clue:2 degrees 16 minutes north, 12 degrees 7 minutes east
    • Solution: South side of Crandor
  • Cipher Clue:IWPPLQTP
    • Solution: Gunnjorn - found at the Barbarian agility course. He will give you a puzzle box.
  • Cipher Clue:ESBZOPS QJH QFO
    • Solution: Draynor Pig Pen
  • Cipher Clue: BSOPME MZETQPS
    • Solution: Arnold Lydspor - found in Piscatoris Fishing Colony.

Elite Clues: Cryptic Solutions and Coordinate Locations

  • Coordinates Clues (Elite):24 degrees 15 minutes north, 13 degrees 30 minutes east
    • Solution: Found in Weiss, 3-4 steps below Snowflake
  • Cryptic Clue:More resources than I can handle, but in a very dangerous area. Can't wait to strike gold!
    • Solution: Dig next to the gold ore in the resource area.
  • Cryptic Clue:Observing someone in a swap, under the telescope lies treasure.
    • Solution: Use Broken Handz fairy ring code dlr and dig under the telescope

Master Clues: Riddle and Anagram Puzzle Solutions

  • Riddle Clue (Master):Falo the Bard - It comes from the ground, underneath the snowy plain. Trolls aplenty, with what looks like a mane
    • Solution: Basalt
  • Anagram (Master):RIP MAUL
    • Solution: Primula - found upstairs in the myths guild
  • Anagram (Master):AN ELF KNOWS
    • Solution: Snowflake - found in Weiss

Found more clues and solutions? Share in the comments below!


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'OSRS' Clue Scroll & Anagram Solutions (2024)
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